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GM Notes [GM Note] [NEWS] April 1st, Believe It or Not!
Black Desert 2024-04-01 07:00


[NEWS] April 1st, Believe It or Not!



A blue anomaly has been detected.



According to a book from Calpheon College, long-term borrowed by [GM],  

it is written that "if a blue Garmoth begins to appear in the Black Desert,  

hammers will turn blue and send ripples through the economy."



The cutting-edge boss manual summoner [GM]

"Just grabbing a bite, be right back." 

The [GM] is rumored to press the Field Boss summon button  

whenever an adventurer steps away for a moment. 

Given the occasional late spawn of the World Boss,  

whispers are growing louder in the back alleys  

about the existence of this high-tech manual summoner 

All NPCs go to sleep during maintenance

"Lights out. Have a good night."

It is reported that NPCs across all regions return to their homes
and lie down in their beds during the 4-hour maintenance.


Upon hearing this, the Furniture Dealer Guild announced plans 

to actively promote the bedding industry "to ensure the comfortable rest of NPCs.”

Major shake-up on the horizon for the Enhancement system 

It is estimated that the total stack accumulated 

by adventurers worldwide so far is +16,618,572.

A [GM], who somehow found out a secret, confidently stated, 

"Soon, a wind of great change will sweep through the Enhancement system.”


A mysterious sound echoes from the Coastal Cave...


"I went to the Coastal Cave to mine copper, and I heard some strange noises there."

This phenomenon was reported by several residents of Velia who visited the cave. 

So far, it is officially reported that 41 people have experienced it.


on April 3rd (Wed)


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