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Notices [Notice] TwitchCon 2018 Recap
Black Desert 2018-11-05 00:00

This year, we had the opportunity to travel to San Jose for Twitchcon. Despite the 12 hour flight and the encroaching beta, we were determined to put everything we had into making sure that this event was a memorable one! 

We ran a much more relaxed booth at TwitchCon than many expected. We had chairs for people to relax on, water for people to drink and popcorn for people to eat (which ended up EVERYWHERE!). Most importantly we had Black Desert for Xbox One available for people to come and try.

What you can’t tell from this picture is that the big screen was deafeningly loud.


For 3 days, this would be my office. For 3 days, I barely saw the sun, but it was worth it. The atmosphere at Twitchcon was something I have yet to experience on the road. No matter where you were on the con floor, people would stop and talk to each other. I saw groups of people who had never seen each other in real life finally get to meet. It was an amazing feeling just being around such positive energy.

One of the things we really wanted to do was to make people comfortable in our booth. So we hired a popcorn maker and a cool 50 gallons of water a day to keep the booth bustling.


Despite tasting like heaven, I hated this machine for the mess it made of my nice clean floor! 


People ended up flocking to the booth. Like, waaaaaaay more than I thought there would be. Sure, not everyone played the game, there wouldn’t have been enough time for that. But everyone who was there got to see the Xbox gameplay, and many people decided to stop by and talk to us about it! 

Nightclub or the Pearl Abyss booth, you decide. 

For those that did get to play, there were goodies for them to pick up. People who came and played the game received stickers, pins, a drawstring bag, and while stocks lasted, a cool Black Spirit TwitchCon shirt (stock did not last long). 

We also gave out extra goods for people interested in joining our partnership program. Although nothing is completely set right now in terms of what we give back, we received over 1000 signups. 

I’m sure those hoodies had something to do with the support


If you are interested in streaming Black Desert, and wondering about our partnership program, we’ll be releasing a public sign up soon enough. You can help your case by streaming the beta, as the guys in the office will be watching as many streams as we can to see what you guys think!

But more importantly, one of the biggest joys for me is talking to the people who are playing the game. I chatted at length with guys who stream other games, who don’t stream but want to get into a new MMORPG with their spouses and even an 8-month-old child who was enthralled by the pretty colors in front of him (I gave him some hearing protection, it’s cool). I heard feedback ranging from quibbles with the camera settings, to the class being difficult to play. But overall the positivity was infectious and I walked away from the event with a smile on my face each day.  

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to those who made each day pass quicker than the last! 

Also a huge thanks to this crazy bunch for being amazing staff to work with! 


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