Notices [Notice] Announcement Regarding Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box
Black Desert 2020-08-07 00:00




As listed in the Known Issues post, Tuvala Awakening Weapon Boxes are able to be obtained by completing the Awakening quests of a character. The boxes cannot be opened and will be removed from the inventories/storages of those who possess said boxes during the next maintenance.


Adventurers who still possess the Tuvala Awakening Box will receive 100,000 silver via in-game mail, equal to the amount of silver obtained by selling to an NPC. Adventurers who deleted the box will also receive 100,000 silver via in-game mail. Adventurers who already sold the box will not receive an additional 100,000 silver.  


We apologize for the confusion that this may have caused and will work harder in creating a better gaming experience.


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