Notices [Notice] [Xbox] Pearl Box Sale
Black Desert 2020-09-08 00:00



Pearl Boxes on the Xbox stores will be receiving a 20% discount for 1 week only! Make the most of your purchases this week, and don’t forget that when using your pearls, you make full use of the pearls by grabbing the Summer Coupon Pack from the Loyalty store for up to 20% off your Pearl Shop Purchases (available until September 9th).

All XBOX adventurers will receive up to 20% of their Pearl Boxes for a limited time only!


Discount Period
NA: September 7th 05:00 PM ~ September 15th 03:00 AM (PDT)
EU: September 8th 01:00 AM ~ September 15th 11:00 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: September 8th 09:00 AM ~ September 15th 07:00 PM (GMT+9)


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