Notices [Notice] Black Desert Re-Enters Xbox Game Pass
Black Desert 2020-09-10 00:00




Xbox adventurers rejoice as Black Desert re-enters Xbox Game Pass September 10th! The decision to rejoin Game Pass came as we want adventurers around the world to be able to play Black Desert where ever they are, and being a part of Game Pass ensures that Black Desert will be playable when Project xCloud becomes available world wide.


Those adventurers who already have Xbox Game Pass will be able to enjoy a continuous 10% discounts on Pearls.



[Game Pass Related FAQ]


Q1. If my Game Pass subscription ends, does this mean that I can no longer play the game? 

If you have not purchased a bundle then you will no longer be able to access the game if your Game Pass subscription ends.


Q2. I have already bought the base game, but I have Game Pass, can I refund the base game? 

Unfortunately, you cannot refund the base game as you have already created an account and played the game. If you refund the base game, you will no longer be able to access the game even if you have Game Pass. However, if you do purchase one of the bundles (Traveler, Explorer, Conqueror) send a ticket to and you will be able to access the game.


Q3. Do I need to continue paying $10 a month just to access this game? 

This game is not only available through Game Pass. If you would like to purchase the game and play without a Game Pass subscription, there are bundles available so that you can own the game. Go to and take a look at the different bundles available.


Q4. If I have the Base Game already, do I need to purchase the Game Pass subscription to play the game?

If you already have a bundle or the base game, a Game Pass subscription is not required to play the game. Game Pass subscriptions are only required for users that do not already have the Base Game. Users with Game Pass subscriptions will also get a 20% discount on any edition of Black Desert as well as 10% off any Pearl purchase within the Microsoft Store.


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