Notices [Notice] Arena of Arsha Reservation Refund
Black Desert 2020-09-16 07:00




The Arena of Arsha has been warmly accepted by many adventurers across Black Desert. It is a place where adventurers can engage in structured PvP within their guild, or be invited by others. We have been happy with the response to the content.


However it was discovered that all reservations of Arena of Arsha after a certain period had been cancelled, leading to silver being used but your guild being unable to use the Arena of Arsha. We are incredibly sorry for this issue, and will be rectifying the issue with this update.


We will be refunding every Arena of Arsha reservation made, even the ones that were played out. So this includes every Arena of Arsha reservation that was made between the launch of Arena of Arsha on August 26th and October 7th Maintenance. During the October 7th Maintenance, all guilds will find their refunded silver automatically added back to their Guild funds. Unfortunately for Arena of Arsha after this notice, we will be unable to remove the cost of reservation, but please be advised that it will be refunded after October 7th.


Thank you.



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