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Black Desert 2020-09-17 00:00




Since we have recently returned to Xbox Game Pass, we decided that we should throw in something a little extra for those adventurers who have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! If you are part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can find these rewards in the Perks Gallery!



September 16th after the maintenance


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to claim the following Rewards

Black Desert Perks Item Pack

[Event] Value Package (7 Days) x 1

[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x 1

Character Slot Expansion Coupon x 1

Inventory +4 expansion coupon x 1


How to claim 

Xbox Console, Xbox App on Windows 10 PC or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app for iOS/Android

Head to the Xbox Game Pass section and look for the Perks Gallery! There you will find the Black Desert Perk Package.




More information can be found on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate webpage.


This offer is for Xbox Adventurers only.

Content may be modified, canceled or changed base on mitigating circumstances.


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