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Notices [Notice] Pearl Item Central Market Price Cap Increase
Black Desert 2020-09-30 06:00




Recently there have been efforts to add more silver into the Black Desert economy. From Vendor item price increases to Agris Fever getting added, we have been finding ways to add more silver for players to obtain.


With players having more silver, there is an incredibly high demand for Pearl Shop items, and as such we are going to be raising their maximum price on the market by around 1.8 times their current value. This increase is designed to address the supply and demand aspect of Pearl Shop Items.


As this change will come into effect with the next update, we are giving advanced notice so that Adventurers are aware of the upcoming changes.

Affected Items


All Pearl Items that can be listed on the Central Market.

1.8x Increase of maximum and Minimum listing prices.

This change will occur during the next maintenance.


Thank You


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