Notices [Notice] Imperial Auction House - October
Black Desert 2020-10-08 06:30




Work together with guildmates in order to take down bosses for a chance at getting boss gear!


Imperial Auction House – October Edition


Auction Start Times:

NA: October 9th 6:00 PM PDT

EU: October 9th 6:00 PM UTC+1

ASIA: October 9th 6:00 PM GMT+9


Starting Price

[Guild] Kzarka Summon Scroll

1,000,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Karanda Summon Scroll

[Guild] Nouver Summon Scroll

[Guild] Ancient Kutum Summon Scroll

※ The auction will be held for 10 days. If a bid is made within the last minute of the auction, the auction will extend by another minute.

※ If access to the server is not possible due to maintenance, the auction time may be extended.

※ The chances at obtaining boss weapons from the auctioned scrolls are higher than regular world bosses.


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