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Black Desert 2020-11-03 00:00


A long forgotten section of the Hasrah Ruins has finally being uncovered, and the secrets to opening the door to this mysterious place have been passed around adventurers everywhere! The Kratuga Ancient Ruins provides a challenging place to explore, and also offers great rewards!


The door to Kratuga can be tricky tro  find, but exploring the Hasrah Ruins will allow you to find a door that you can interact with. Using either a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or the Unsealed Ruins Slate will unlock the door, giving you temporary access to the rooms within. If you leave and need to come back, you will have to use another Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or Unsealed Ruins Slate  to open it again.



The Dangers Within


Kratuga Ancient Ruins are a unique and challenging place to explore. Although it’s use has long been forgotten, the security systems within are still active. At level 1 security, monsters will appear around you, and defeating all the monsters in a certain time frame will allow you to move to the second stage, where Elqueesh and Bellotens will appear. These tricky constructs can render adventurers immobile and reaching for the nearest potion! At stage three, a Laytenn will appear which is stronger than it’s desert counterparts, and also has a higher chance of dropping a Laytenn’s Power Stone!


The Puruko is also another fiendish construct that appears in the area, and can inflict a -10AP debuff to adventurers who are unfortunate enough to be in its path.





Besides the Laytenn’s Power Stone chances, you can also get Tungrad Earrings and Elkarr. Elkar is a mysterious substance that can be processed through simple alchemy with a Black Magic Crystal – Precision, Forest Fury x2 and Magical Shard x10 to acquire the Crystal of Elkarr.



Now that you have been briefed about the Kratuga Ancient Ruins, it’s time to explore its secrets on November 4th!


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