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Notices [Notice] Official Black Desert Content Creator Partners Nov, 2020
Black Desert 2020-11-04 00:00




Black Desert is proud to introduce the official list of content creators participating in the Content Creator Partners Program this month. 


Check out our beloved partners as they showcase a variety of content of Black Desert!


Name Introduction Link



 I strive to be the best while helping others become their best. My channel is very community oriented and focused on building others up. Guaranteed top-tier gameplay or at least a good laugh.



 Hey guys my name's Sly and I main a Musa! Each one of my streams is a different experience. You might catch the funny, the embarrassing, or all the rage but either way I can promise it'll always be a good time!



 Hello There. My name is Moses and a long time ago, I played other games. Once I started BDO, there was no turning back. A year in and there's still so much to do.




"Hey it's Chu. I got you covered on all your questions whether they are pve or pvp or lifekskills. Come join me in throwing point in RBF and becoming the worst kuno together."


Lord X

"Lord X is here to bring console guides for the community with entertaining PvP and Banter. If you want to test your skills challenge be to BA and you can find yourself on the channel."



"Hey guys IronWolf9K here, I make guides and funny videos, cover a whole variety of BDC content but I mainly strive to help everyone that has questions."



Guides for the game Black Desert. Browse news and patches.


Видео гайды по игре Black Desert Online версии PS4. Новости обновления, обзоры и многое другие. Данный канал помог многим игрокам вникнуть в игровой процесс и без того не простой игры Black Desert Online.



“Hello everyone, my name is KingJinx. but people call me Jinx. Right now, I main a 537 GS mystic. I am mostly grinding with my guild or helping players new to the game whether they be in my guild, chat, or someone posting in server chat. My stream is chill for the most part you might catch me raging at a failed enhancement or the occasional PK but regardless you will have a good time.”



“Witch Main, helping new players find their legs in the game. Life-skilling/PvP/PvE you'll find it all here.”



“Hello! I am Eva and I'm going to stream the Black Desert for you! On the stream you may eventually find PvP, grinding, life-skilling, and more different tricky things that should help me to rule the world! Come whenever I am on air, ask your questions and watch my gameplay, and I am sure you will find many exciting and useful things about the vast universe of Black Desert!”



"Hi, I am Kroc, I am a retired army vet that serve three combat tours. I am a hardcore grinder but, in my community I try to promote laughter, positivity, and entertainment with a little PvP of course. Tune in if you are having a bad day and I promise to brighten it up."


"Hey guys my name is XTER, I make guides and other fun content of Black Desert. If you have any questions or wanna pvp practice feel free to hmu."


"Glory here, I make a variety of Black Desert content, but enjoy making guides, reporting community news, and reviewing patch notes for those who can't access them from home or rather get them in a video format. I am just glad to be here, and I am happy to be a part of the Black Desert Console Partner Program."


Found your favorite content creator? Support them and enjoy the show!


Thank you!


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