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GM Notes [GM Note] The One Who Returned, Sage Awakening
Black Desert 2021-04-16 00:01


“Who am I?”


I was asked for my name,

but I couldn’t give an answer.


It was at that moment I realized that only my memories

connected me to my past, present, and even my future. 


The memories I’ve lost have erased my past self.

The memories I've recovered have erased my present self.

The memories I'll make will erase my future self. 


And yet, within a glimpse of scattered memories, hazy recollections come to mind. 





Kabuanian Year 286 

On a particularly bright and sunlit spring day, I stood atop a podium.

My intellect astounded a countless number of youthful eyes that had gathered before me.

Then... then a pitch-black sky. Ashen winds. Blood-filled screams.

The eyes of all life in the world were stained red, but my eyes soon regained their golden light.

And I found myself with youth that seemed eternal.  





Kabuanian Year 381 

On a summer day where even a single breeze felt precious,

the flowers in the kingdom of Edana had still yet to wilt.

While my body—fit to lead an entire civilization—was still young and magnificent,

my mind was gradually crumbling away. 





After an unknown length of time, 

I was leisurely reading in the library of an ivory tower. 

“Forty-nine suns will rain down from the heavens,

and he will return of his own accord to complete the final destiny.”


Suddenly, from my left, a bronze mirror reflected its light upon me.

And then… the sounds of increasingly ragged breathing 

and a wild heartbeat, like a horse startled by a bear.


Kabuanian Year 237 

On an autumn day where fallen leaves rustle with passing footfalls,

I was still alive.

But soon, I would have no choice except to promise to the world that I would return again.





And so, the unstoppable and immense passage of time moved forward. 

Elionian Year 286 

In a place shrouded by eternal winter, 

I was still alive, and I would live on.





The past is not the cause of the future, and the future is not the result of the past.

Only I could decide my fate and write the final ending.

My light will pierce through the never-ending darkness.





And now, I will answer the world’s question.

My name is Rux Maha Dehkia, and…”


Sage Awakening - Combat Style

Wielding the lightning  imbued Kibelius, Sage descends on his foes like a bolt of lightning and strikes them down. He can hurl his spear to pierce through targets or transform himself into lightning itself to rush down enemies in a flash.


The raw, concentrated power of his lightning can even break open rifts to unleash more powerful attacks. And when Sage casts his skills, the Arkanon — possessing the combined power of the Kibelius and Kyve — will be summoned forth to assist him.    


Demonstrating a combat style as powerful and unpredictable as lightning, we hope you’ll stay tuned for Sage Awakening!


Sage Awakening - Main Skills

 Lightning Prison 

Opens a massive rift and calls down countless spears of lightning  to wreak devastation.




Impaling Flash 

Imbues his spear with lightning and throws it.

Enemies pierced by the spear will be marked, and Sage will attack marked enemies in a rush of lightning.




Divine Executioner 

Throws his spear into the air and leaps up to fling it down with all his might. 

The spear will electrify its surroundings once it lands. 




Spear Bolt 

Hurls his spear at foes with his entire might.

Sage can pass through any enemies hit by his spear to retrieve it. 



Awakening to rewrite the ending of the world...

The Awakened Sage will be playable in Black Desert on April 28, 2021!




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