Notices [Notice] Class Discussion Forum Announcement
Black Desert 2021-10-22 00:00



The ‘Class Discussion’ page on the Official Forum will undergo some changes to improve the way feedback is given regarding the classes of Black Desert.


> Click here to go to the Class Discussion pages


Information regarding the class reboots will be posted on the Official Forum in the ‘Class Discussion’ section, so be sure to check out the details regarding the reboot.

In addition to the new sections on the forums, we will also be opening threads on discord specifically for the Character Reboot. You will be able to find these threads directly beneath the Class in the Class discussion category.


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The ‘Class Discussion’ section of the forum, and the Class Reboot threads on Discord, will be used to collect the feedback of our Adventurers, and plan to refer back to the feedback given in regards to overall class balance, the character reboots, and suggestions.


Thank You