Notices [Notice] Regarding Conquest Wars and Conquest Wars Pre-Season
Black Desert 2021-11-03 00:00


As announced in the ‘[Notice] A look at this week’s update and future content’, pre-season for Conquest Wars will begin following the November 11th Maintenance (UTC).


With the start the Conquest Wars pre-season, Conquest Wars on Balenos and Serendia will reorganized, therefore only the Conquest Wars for Mediah and Calpheon will be running.


Read on to check out the full list of changes that are incoming!


Pre-season Updates and Changes to Conquest Wars

  1. Add Guild Outfits to Conquest Wars

- You will only be able to deal damage in Conquest Wars if you are wearing the Sun’s Resolve Outfit (Guild Outfit).


  1. Removal of the liberation system and changes to rewards

- Individual rewards for winners

- Conquest War reward: Add Resplendent Medal of Honor


  1. Introduce limits of things such as AP/DP to the Mediah Conquest Wars


  1. Add Spirit of Battle content

- Fill the Spirit of Battle gauge during Node/Conquest Wars alongside your guild


* Some content may change during maintenances. For more information regarding the update, please read the November 11th (UTC) Patch Notes that will be released later. 

Information regarding the reset of Conquest Wars

Regions Affected

Serendia, Balenos, Calpheon, Mediah


During the November 11th Maintenance (UTC)

What will change

- Reset Conquest War information

- Removal of forts/annexes/Command Centers built in the Conquest War regions

- Reset the Conquest War regional taxes

* Node Wars are not affected.


Thank you and we hope to see you out on the battlefield.