GM Notes [GM Note] Doom, the Burning Dream Horse
Black Desert 2021-11-11 00:01




Emerging from the darkness, illuminated only by the burning fires within, Doom makes her way to Black Desert Console. The Master of the Flames is the third daughter of Krogdalo, and rounds out the three Dream Horses that roam Black Desert.



Doom’s Abilities

Doom’s skills revolve mostly around its attack prowess using the flames that burn within the Dream Horse. Let’s take a look at the skills that a Doom can learn.



Courser’s Spirit

Slowly recovers HP and Endurance while parked

Double Jump

Able to jump one more time after jumping.

(Must learn the skills High Jump and Streak Jump to use)

S: Charge

Able to charge twice in a row.

(Must learn the skill Charge to use the skill)

Dark Flame Steps

This is a powerful melee attack that inflicts fire damage to nearby enemies.

Dark Sprint

When this skill is used, it damages enemies nearby. The damaged enemies will be set ablaze.


Dark Sprint can be used after learning Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel. It lets you go even faster while using S: Instant Accel.


After learning the skill Dark Sprint, enemies will be damaged even when using S: Instant Accel.


Doom is the only Dream Horse that has the chance to learn this skill.

- There is an issue where the surrounding environment does not display as intended when using the two-seater skill on Doom. Therefore the skill has been temporarily disabled.


Getting Doom

You will be able to give yourself the best chance to obtain Arduanatt by prioritizing Skill, Diné by prioritizing Elegance, or Doom by prioritizing Strength. Prioritizing a specific characteristic will give you more chance of obtaining the dream horse you want to obtain (if the process is successful).

In case you need a refresher on which materials do what, check out the table below:

Training Material


Rainbow Gem Fruit

Exchange Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x10

Exchange Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x10


Exchange Peridot Petal x10

Stonetail Fodder

Made through Simple Cooking using the following Farming by-products:

Mutant Plant x20

Premature Fruit x20

Seed Half Eaten by a Bird x20

Plant with Rotting Roots x20

Unusual Fruit x20


Breezy Conch Seaweed

Can be obtained through fishing


Exchange Golden Seal - [Imperial Fishing] x25


Exchange Broken Fish Hook x5


Exchange Broken Bottle Fragment x5


Exchange Peridot Petals x10

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Has a chance of dropping when hunting Blue Whale and Khalk


Exchange Peridot Petals x10


Deep Blue Hoof Root

Has a chance of dropping from gathering


Exchange Peridot Leaf x7

Pure Forest Breath

Has a chance of dropping from monsters in all regions


Use Simple Alchemy with 2 different Spirit Stone Fragments:

Wind Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Earth Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Water Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Tree Spirit Stone Fragment x10

May the Master of Flames aid you on your adventures across the world of Black Desert, as Doom arrives in the next Black Desert Console update.