Notices [Notice] [Xbox] Singles’ Day Sale
Black Desert 2021-11-10 10:00


Greetings Adventurers, 


For just a single day, there will be a discount on certain editions of Black Desert Console for Xbox! Make sure to not miss out on this sale as both the Traveler Edition and the Explorer Edition will be on sale by up to 60%!


Sales Period

NA: November 10th 2:00 AM ~ November 11th 2:00 AM (PST)

EU: November 10th 10:00 AM ~ November 11th 10:00 AM (UTC)

ASIA: November 10th 7:00 PM ~ November 11th 7:00 PM (GMT+9)

Sale Item


Traveler Edition

60% OFF!

Explorer Edition



This discount is only for XBOX Adventurers.
Prices may vary depending on region and currency exchange rates.

Sales period and details may be changed upon mitigating circumstances.