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Notices [Notice] [Completed] [NA] February 17th Epheria –1 Server Maintenance
Black Desert 2022-02-18 00:00



There will be a maintenance on the Epheria-1 server to improve stability of the server. During this time, you will be unable to access the server, and those already connected to the server will be disconnected.  
Please refer to the notice below for more information on the period and duration of the maintenance.  


- Maintenance Target: [NA] Epheria – 1 
- Time: NA: February 17th, from 09:00PM. This maintenance is expected to take around 2 hours. 

NA: February 17th 09:00PM ~ 10:05PM PST

Please be reminded that during the maintenance, you will be unable to access Epheria-1 server for NA only. Other regions will be unaffected.  
※ Notes 

- Signing up for a guild during this time may result in the guild not showing up correctly.  

- Any guild missions currently running on the affected servers, will be cancelled, and the number of available missions will not be restored.  

- Players on the affected servers should aim to move to a safe zone in order to avoid any potential issues.  

- If you are disconnected in a combat zone, you may be attacked by monsters.  

- If you see the ‘Already accessed’ message when accessing the game after the maintenance, please reconnect.  

- The period of the maintenance may be changed, extended or ended early depending on mitigating circumstances. Any changees will be informed in this notice.  


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