Events [Event] Summer Season Events!
Black Desert 2021-06-29 00:00


Season servers have hit Black Desert Console, bringing a bunch of events to celebrate! Take your Season Character (that you probably already pre-created!) and jump into the Season servers!


Event I – Tuvala Ore for logging in!


During in the event period, jump into the world of Black Desert on the Season servers to earn valuable rewards that will help your Season Characters grow stronger!


Event Period

NA: July 14th 05:00 PM ~ July 21st 04:59 PM (PDT)

EU: July 15th 01:00 AM ~ July 22nd 12:59 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: July 15th 09:00 AM ~ July 22nd 08:59 AM (GMT+9)


Event Details

During the event period, complete the Play-Time Challenges to receive rewards to help your Season Character grow stronger!

Play Time

Challenge Rewards

30 Minutes

Time-filled Black Stone x10

60 Minutes

Valks' Cry x3


Cron Stone x10

90 Minutes

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x1

120 Minutes

Tuvala Ore x5


[Event] High Quality Draught Box x1


Not only that, during the weekend if you complete the following Play-Time Challenges, you will gain even more rewards!


Weekend Times




NA: Friday 05:00 PM ~ Saturday 04:59 PM (PDT)

EU: Saturday 01:00 AM ~ Sunday 12:59 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: Saturday 09:00 AM ~ Sunday 08:59 AM (GMT+9)

Play for 150 Minutes

Refined Magical Black Stone x5


NA: Saturday 05:00 PM ~ Sunday 04:59 PM (PDT)

EU: Sunday 01:00AM ~ Monday 12:59 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: Sunday 09:00 AM ~ Monday 08:59 AM (GMT+9)

Play for 180 Minutes

Shakatu's Seal x5


Enchanted Scroll (+30) x1


Event II – Season Server Hot Time Event!


Special Hot Time is now available to celebrate the opening of new season servers! Make most of this precious time to gain more Combat & Skill EXP!


Kick-off Hot Time Buffs for Season Server!


Event Period

NA: After the June 29th Maintenance ~ Before July 13th 11:59 PM (PDT)

EU: After the June 29th Maintenance ~ Before July 14th 06:59 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: After the June 29th Maintenance ~ Before July 14th 03:59 PM (GMT+9)


Event Details

Hot Time Buffs

+250% Combat EXP
+50% Skill EXP

※ There is an issue regarding Hot Time Buffs being incorrectly displayed as Combat EXP 150% if you continue to play the game at the end of Hot Time weekend.
- However, the actual effects are applied as 250% and the displayed effect will refresh when you move to another server or reconnect to the game.


24/7 Hot Time until End of Season!


Event Period

NA: July 14th 12:00 AM (PDT) ~ Until End of Season

EU: July 14th 07:00 AM (UTC+1) ~ Until End of Season

ASIA: July 14th 04:00 PM (UTC+1) ~ Until End of Season


Event Details

Hot Time Buffs Never Stop!

+150% Combat EXP
+50% Skill EXP


Hot Time for Weekends

Hot Time Buffs

NA: Friday 04:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 02:00 AM (PDT)

EU: Friday 04:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 02:00 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: Friday 06:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 04:00 AM (GMT+9)

+250% Combat EXP
+50% Skill EXP

※ Weekend Hot Time Buffs do not overlap with Weekday Hot Time Buffs.


Event III – Season Character Level-Up Events!


Event Period

NA: After July 29th Maintenance ~ Before August 31st Maintenance (PDT)

EU: After July 30th Maintenance ~ Before September 1st Maintenance (UTC+1)

ASIA: After July 30th Maintenance ~ Before September 1st Maintenance (GMT+9)


Event Details

It is great to grow stronger, but it is even better to be rewarded for your efforts! Reach certain level milestones and pick up rewards along the way!  

Achievement Level


Level 10

Adventurer Shoes x1

Level 20

Traveler's Map x1

Kanpacho's Chewable Tablet x5

Level 30

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Swiftness (Movement Speed+2) x1

Celestial Horse Calling Horn (7 Days) x1

Traveler's Map x2

Level 40

Premium Elixir Box x1

Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x20

Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x20

Level 50

DUO (II) Tuvala Necklace x1

Compass (120 Minutes) x1

[Event] Elion's Tear x5

Level 56

Time-filled Black Stone x40

Tuvala Ore x7

Refined Magical Black Stone x3

Level 57

Time-filled Black Stone x50

Tuvala Ore x10

Refined Magical Black Stone x5

[Event] Magical Beast's Draught x2

Level 58

Time-filled Black Stone x70

Tuvala Ore x15

Refined Magical Black Stone x10

[Event] Magical Elixir x2

[Event] Magical Beast's Draught x2

Level 59

Time-filled Black Stone x100

Tuvala Ore x30

Refined Magical Black Stone x15

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x3

[The Challenge Continues – Season Character Level 60~61 Challenge]


Event Period

NA: June 28th After the maintenance ~ September 28th Maintenance

EU: June 29th After the maintenance ~ September 29th Maintenance

ASIA: June 29th After the maintenance ~ September 29th Maintenance



During the event period, level up your Seasonal Character to receive the following rewards!

Level 60

PEN (V) Tuvala Ring x1

Level 61

PEN (V) Tuvala Earring x1

※ You must complete the Challenges sequentially.

※ The Challenge rewards are only available during the event period. After the event period, the Challenges will be removed, so be sure to claim your rewards before the end of the event period.


Event IV – Velia Treasure Map


Event Details

Ahoy! A treasure hunt for pirates seeking riches! The gold is just within your grasp. Find the Gold Bar 1,000G using the Velia Treasure Map that you obtained during the Season Pre-creation.


Quest Objective

Quest Reward

[Event] Finding Treasure

Find the hidden treasure chest near Velia.

Gold Bar 1,000G x1

※ You cannot use the Velia Treasure Map item if you have already received 30 quests.

※ [Event] Finding Treasure quest cannot be accepted again if you forfeit the quest.


Event Notices

- You can only participate in this event through a season character.

- Items given in this event may be family bound or character bound. Please check each item before using them as they may vary depending on the item. Items that are character bound cannot be moved or switched. There also may be restrictions on sale and use of items as well.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

- Any changes to the event will be made on this page.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods or violating Terms of Service may result in the cancellation or retrieval of your reward, as well as restrictions from the game.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].

- This event follows the [Event Rules].


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