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GM Note A Wandering Heart 12.02.2019


The Mystic is making her way to Black Desert PlayStation. This reluctant brawler is an incredibly powerful character that can pummel almost anything into submission. Let’s find out more about the story behind the powerful fists of the mystic.


A Wandering Heart 


My memories of my original home are filled with smoke and blood. The Calpheon soldiers were quick and ruthless in their assault. The death cries of the men rang out, and the shrill cries of the women and children being slaughtered in the streets still haunt my dreams. I hid, fearing that my life would be the next to be extinguished.


A foreigner who would eventually become my teacher helped me escape. He led me through the fire and the blood, past the guards and scouts and to my eventual safety. Everything about him was different, from the way he dressed to the way he talked. Slow and methodical, as if he needed to ponder each individual word before announcing it. He asked me to follow him and learn his teachings, and without anything left for me in my homeland, I agreed.


We traveled to the far east by boat back to his homeland. My blonde hair and blue eyes caused those who lived here to stare at me. They watched my every move, and would often stop what they were doing to talk about the strange girl with the yellow hair walking by. Yet my master told me to pay no mind, and focus on martial arts. I hated it back then. The training, the exercising, the fighting. All of it was too much for me, yet my gratitude to my master forced me to continue, for him. As I grew, the local people started to look at me with disgust and envy. I still have no idea why, but that made me feel even more isolated than I did before.


Then one day, as I started my daily training routine I saw a man like me. My master walked him into our compound, and instantly his blonde hair and blue eyes instantly captivated me. I could not take my eyes off of him. My master walked him through the yard and pulled me over to talk. I could barely talk, each word felt like it was tumbling out of my mouth and I was making a fool of myself. Yet the pleasantries soon turned to training, as he was only going to be here until after the Martial God Tournament.


And so we spared. His speed and power were phenomenal, whereas my moves felt slow and sluggish. Yet he never complained about being stuck with me. I felt I learned so much in the short time training with him, yet when he left after winning the Martial God Tournament I was empty. I realised I had feelings for him almost immediately, but I never realised how empty everything would feel when he left. A void had opened up and it consumed everything.


And so I left and took a boat back towards the west and search for him. A voyage that would take me back to the smoke and blood, but also find the man who captured my passion. 




The Mystic is much like the Striker in that she lands powerful and precise blows to her opponents. The Mystic uses Gauntlets as her main hand weapon and the Vambrace for her offhand weapon. These combined give her the ability to perform the following skills:



Wolf’s Frenzy
The Mystic hides in the shadows to unleash a barrage of hits against her enemies


Rage Hammer
Unleashes her inner power into a massive attack onto the ground, knocking down foes.


Soul Basher

The Mystic performs a flurry of kicks that deals damage to her enemies.