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GM Note The Dragon's Champion 12.13.2019

The Mystic will be able to awaken in this update, which allows her to utilize the power of the sea dragon, Banha. Check out her journey to discover these powers when you reach level 56 ingame, or read below! 

Twisted Trees

As the boat travelled across the ocean, a passenger spotted what looked like three twisted trees floating in the middle of the ocean. As everyone, including myself, rushed to the side of the boat to get a look, one of the passengers tipped his hat and announced that it was not a twisted tree, but a sign from the legendary dragons who created the world. A small child looked up at the man, and asked to hear the story, and truth be told I too wanted to hear it.

‘A long time ago,’ he started,’ the three dragons came together to create the world. The Gold Dragon went first, and as he could fly the highest he weaved the sky together under his golden tail. The Night Dragon went next, bringing together dust and rocks to create the ground beneath our feet. The Azure dragon paused, taking stock of the creation thus far. He decided to create the water that became the lifeblood of the planet, and he finalised the creation of the dragons. The dragons now only appear to warn people of impending doom, or an immense change which will alter their creation.’ That last sentence still haunts me, because shortly after a deafening noise cracked from below, and the ship was torn asunder. Landfall was far away, so many perished to the sea.

I remember the darkness and the chill through my bones as I sank beneath the powerful waves. The pain in my chest continued to grow as I held my breath beneath the waves as I tried to swim to the surface. The darkness made it almost impossible to tell which way was up.

Suddenly a piercing bright light pierced the darkness. It was so bright that even with my eyes closed I could see clearly. I felt my mind awaken at the light, and as I opened my eyes I saw the light coming from a gem that I was given before I ever went to the east. It was given to me by a mysterious gentleman on the docks of Epheria, his hood covered his face as he placed it in my hands. Could he have been the manifestation of Banha, the Azure Dragon who created the water I was about to perish in?

Before I could finish the thought of the man on the docks I felt a powerful energy surge inside of me. My mind was opened, and a voice was echoing in the back of my mind. I concentrated on that as I eventually fell unconscious deep beneath the ocean. When I awoke, I was on the shores of the west, and the energy that flowed through me in the water remained. Banha had spoken to me that day. Did he choose me as his champion? As I concentrated on the energy inside me, I remembered the final words before I passed out in the ocean.

‘The Blue eyes, whose fate entwined, will meet again in Banha’s Tears.’




The Mystic is able to transfer the energies of Banha the Azure Dragon through her Cestus, battle gloves that allow her to channel her inner strength to annihilate anything that stands in her way. 

Wave Orb
Mystic channels all her energy and unleashes a massive attack on her foes.


Dragon’s Pit
Summons Banha the Sea Dragon to encircle enemies dealing damage to anyone foolish enough to be caught inside it.


Sea Burial
Quickly leap forward and unleashes a rapid barrage of attacks that knock all enemies to the ground.


In order to start your awakening quests, you will need to be level 56 and accept the Awakening quest from the Black Spirit.