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GM Note Introducing Alchemy Stones 12.16.2019



Trying to create alchemy stones was once considered a fool's errand by many alchemists, however breakthroughs were made and now only the most skilled alchemists can create them. The process behind them is not fully understood, and although the ingredients are the same, they always seem to result in different stones.

Alchemy Stones are an equippable item that provides buffs to your character at regular intervals. You can carry or store as many different types of alchemy stones as you want, but you can only equip one at a time. You will need to add the alchemy stone to your ring menu in order to activate the buffs they provide. The three types of stones are as follows:

Destruction: Provides offensive buffs (i.e, AP, Accuracy)
Protection: Provides defensive buffs (i.e, DP, resistances)
Life: Provides buffs to life skills (i.e, Alchemy times, gathering levels)

You can purchase Alchemy Stones from the Central Market, but you can also create them as long as your alchemy level is Skilled 1 or higher.

Crafting Stones

To start crafting Alchemy Stones, you’re going to need an Alchemy Tool installed in your residence. This should be one of the easier aspects of crafting the stones, but if you’re not sure on how to do so, make sure that you purchase or craft and alchemy table, then go into your residence and press up on the d-pad to enter placement mode. Select the Alchemy tool and place it in your residence and then you can begin.

Materials Needed

So we’re going to need ingredients, and this is where it gets difficult. The recipe for Alchemy Stones is:

Shining Powder x?, Sinner’s Blood x? , Clear Liquid Reagent x?, Pure Powdered Reagent x, Powder of Time x?.  (exact quantities are unknown, some alchemists report that they can use less ingredients than others).

Getting these ingredients can be tough, but many of them are alchemy recipes in themselves.  Shining Powder is a byproduct of alchemy, Powder of Time can be gathered from workers and Clear Liquid Reagent, Pure Powdered Reagent and Blood of the Sinner can all be synthesized through the Alchemy Tool.


When you combine the materials required, you will receive one of the Alchemy Stones at random, or receive the Broken Alchemy Stone Shard which can only be sold to vendors for 5,000 silver. The higher level of Alchemy your character has when crafting Alchemy Stones, the better chance you have of getting one.

Alchemy Stone Rarity

Not all Alchemy Stones are created equally. There are two ways to distinguish the power of your alchemy stone. The first is by the grade of Alchemy Stone. This follows the usual distinctions in grade color.

White - Lowest Grade
Yellow- Highest Grade

Then there is the prefix attached to the stone which denotes the power of it. These start with ‘Imperfect’, which is the lowest grade of Alchemy Stone. Then there is ‘Rough’, ‘Polished’, ‘Sturdy’, ‘Sharp’, ‘ Resplendent’, ‘Splendid’ and ‘Shining.’ This means that the most powerful alchemy stones would be yellow grade ‘Shining Alchemy Stone of X’.

‘Imperfect’ and ‘Rough’ alchemy stones cannot be upgraded at all. However stones after the ‘Polished’ grade can be improved later on. 

Upgrading - ‘Polishing’ and ‘Growth’

So if you were lucky enough to obtain a ‘Polished’ stone or higher, you will be able to perform ‘Polishing’ or ‘Growth’. Polishing your alchemy stones gives EXP to the stone, which can then be used to perform the growth function. You will need to polish the stone to at least 80% Alchemy Stone EXP in order to attempt growth.

To polish your stone, you will need the correct items.

Polishing Destruction Alchemy Stones requires Pure Ores
Polishing Protection Alchemy Stones requires Sturdy Plywood
Polishing Life Alchemy Stones requires Special Crops.

Polishing up the Alchemy Stones will increase the EXP of the stone, and when that reaches 80% or higher, you can attempt growth.

Growth can increase Rarity, Level or if you are lucky, both. To attempt growth, you will need to enter the alchemy stone window, select growth, and use 1 Black Stone (weapon) to attempt the enhancement. The more EXP your stone has, the better chance you will have of the enhancement being successful. Once successful, the EXP of the stone will reset to 0%.

Failing enhancement comes at a cost. Assuming that the stone does not degrade or break from failure, you will lose 50% of the stones EXP (eg. If you had 150%, and fail, you will have 75% EXP remaining.) 

Stones which are Sturdy can degrade when failing their enhancement (which will cause their EXP to drop to 0%). 


When performing growth on Resplendent and Splendid Alchemy Stones, it is possible to over

-tune them and they can break or decrease EXP.


Recharging Alchemy Stones

Each use of an Alchemy Stone uses up it’s durability. To recharge an alchemy stone, you will need the ingredients required, and head to the Alchemy window to perform the recharge.  You can recharge the durability of an alchemy stone in multiple ways.


Repairs 1 Durability
Clear Liquid Reagent
Pure Powdered Reagent



Repairs 4 Durability
Clown’s Blood
Legendary Beast’s Blood
Sinner’s Blood
Tyrant’s Blood
Wise Man’s Blood



Repairs 10 Durability
Oil of Corruption
Oil of Fortitude
Oil of Regeneration
Oil of Tranquility
Oil of Storms