Black Desert Partner Program


Becoming a Black Desert Partner means that you are the CHAMPIONS of our community.
We’re looking for all types of content creators that brings with them positivity day-in & day-out.
Our goal is to foster an active community through the content partners that we choose to partner with,
as well as provide them with a way to work directly with us and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Partner Benefits


Joining the Black Desert Partner Program entitles you to the Streamer Benefits Package which includes some items to help you on your way. There may even be special rewards for those who are in the program for a long time.


All partners will receive opportunities to be promoted and amplified on our social media channels, as well as promoted in-game. We’ll also be giving opportunities to be involved with our video creation and the ability to host official streams from your channel.


We have regular content updates within the game that come with changes and exciting opportunities for partners to enjoy with subscribers. Coupon giveaways and Twitch Drop are one example, and we are continuously working on adding more benefits to enthrall the audience to a greater extent.

How to join

Applying is easy!
Click on the link below, fill out a few questions, done.
We’re looking for Content Creators of all types,
but you’ll need to have the following before joining:
  • Stream Black Desert weekly with an average of 2 streams per week or 1 YouTube Video per week.
  • Your content is compliant with the platform’s terms of service.
  • You have 1,000 + followers on your main content channel (Twitch, YouTube)
    - Special considerations can be made if the quality of content is exceptional, and we will help try to get your channel the subscribers you deserve.
  • You engage with the community in friendly and meaningful ways.
  • Your content is free from inappropriate material.
  • You are 18 years or older and can provide verification.

It’s no secret that our community of creators help us breath live into the game and guide new players through their journey in Black Desert.
Our Official Partner Program is designed to recognize awesome content creates like you by supporting and rewarding you for the work you’ve put in.
We’ll be continuously looking for feedback on additional benefits that you’re interested in and other ways we can support you and your content.
Lastly, partners can except a timeline of up to a couple weeks for their applications to be reviewed by our team.
Content is subject to Pearl Abyss’s evaluation criteria and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.