Black Desert Partner Program

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Content Creator

We're looking for Content Creators that will partner with Black Desert and grow with us.
To be a guide for new Adventurers, to introduce new content
and to give the Black Desert community even more joy as official Content Creators!
Apply now!


Content Creator Pack

To support smooth and creative activities, in-game item rewards will be provided. This will allow Black Desert adventurers to enjoy high-quality content and engage in various activities.

Official Channel Promotions

Through Black Desert’s official website and social media, there is an opportunity to introduce and promote your channel as a content creator. Additionally, you can participate in the official production of Black Desert’s content or collaborate on official promotions such as appearing on official broadcasts.

Channel Growth Support

To express gratitude to the viewers who love the Content Creator’s channel, coupons or in-game items are provided. In addition, channels such as Discord may be used for collaboration, contracts, and smooth promotion. We will review support needed for content creation, and suggest or request various content ideas.

How to become a Content Creator

Before applying to become a Content Creator, please review the following information and related notices.
  • Black Desert Content Creators must communicate in a positive and friendly manner with their viewers.
  • Content Creators must publicly announce the benefits they are receiving for content creation are from Pearl Abyss.
  • Abide by Pearl Abyss' and Black Desert's Terms of Service, Operational Policy, and Event Rules.
  • Please abstain from creating or including inappropriate content.
  • Adventurers that are deemed to be minors in accordance to the laws of their country are not eligible to apply.
    If they are not able to prove to not be minors, they may not apply and may have their selection revoked.
  • Please read the above details and requirements to apply as a Content Creator.

Adventurers that meet all the requirements shown above may click the "Apply" button to apply for a chance to be an official Black Desert Content Creator.
The application you submitted will be reviewed according to the internal guidelines of Pearl Abyss. Results will be sent to adventurers who are selected as Content Creators.
We look forward to seeing all the many applicants interested in being an official Black Desert Content Creator!

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