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  • Maewha

    Maewha uses a variety of oriental martial arts, but excels most with the blade and horn bow. She allows the fight to wash over her and strike once the flow is in her favor. Her quick movements around the battlefield make her an excellent 1v1 fighter, and also an incredible small scale combatant.

    maehwa Character image maehwa Character image
  • Kunoichi

    It can be difficult finding the right time to go in with Kunoichi,but once she begins her assault she does not stop till her target drops.

    kunoichi Character image kunoichi Character image
  • Valkyrie

    Valkyrie wields the one-handed Longsword and shield and excels at both offense and defense. She has skills to deal an incredible burst of damage or heal and protect her allies.

    valkyrie Character image valkyrie Character image
  • Mystic

    Mystic prefers pummeling her enemies with a barrage of strikes as opposed to a single, powerful blow. She takes physical hand-to-hand combat to an extreme and destroys her foes with quick gap-closing movement to gain the upper hand.

    mystic Character image mystic Character image
  • Tamer

    Tamer adventures with the long forgotten mystical creature Heilang, and wields a Shortsword and Trinket. There are two sets of Tamer’s skills, one based on eastern martial arts and another which makes full use of Heilang’s strength.

    tamer Character image tamer Character image
  • Archer

    Archer's Crossbow was designed to be attached to his arm so that he can move freely and swiftly, while Ra'ghon is a special glove that allows him to bring out the power of the light. He is a versatile class that can change the tide of battle.

    archer Character image archer Character image
  • Ninja

    The ninja is an assassin that uses a sword, martial arts, and ninjutsu. His attacks consists of swift movement and crowd control skills, pulling the enemy into the middle of total chaos.

    ninja Character image ninja Character image
  • Shai

    Her skills make her quite agile and she can swing around the Florang, the size of a Shai, to get out of trouble.

    shai Character image shai Character image
  • Lahn

    Lahn is agile and quick on her feet. She can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging her Crescent Pendulum.

    lahn Character image lahn Character image
  • Dark Knight

    Dark Knight uses a variety of ranged magical skills that she can mix into her combos.

    darkknight Character image darkknight Character image
  • Striker

    Striker is an expert hand-to-hand combatant who mixes martial arts and his experience with countless street brawls to deal deadly blows to his opponents.

    striker Character image striker Character image
  • Musa

    Musa pairs of oriental-style martial arts with his blade and horn bow to deal enormous amounts of damage.

    blademaster Character image blademaster Character image
  • Warrior

    A balanced combatant, the Warrior combines both shield and sword to defeat his enemies.

    Warrior Character image Warrior Character image
  • Ranger

    Rangers prefer to stay at range with their bow, but when danger gets close, the Ranger uses her dagger to slice through her foes.

    ranger Character image ranger Character image
  • Sorceress

    By using dark magic, the Sorceress vanquishes any who stand before her.

    sorceress Character image sorceress Character image
  • Berserker

    Berserker's dual-wield massive war axes, capable of slicing through even the toughest opponent.

    berserker Character image berserker Character image
  • Wizard

    The Wizard uses his innate understanding of the elements to burn through even the thickest of hordes.

    wizard Character image wizard Character image
  • Witch

    Witches master magic at a young age. By utilizing their attunement to the elements, they burn, freeze and electrocute their way through those who stand against them.

    witch Character image witch Character image