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Edit Date : 01.02.2020

I have just started the game on PS4 a week ago for the first time, trying to progress to higher content.

I found this list of gear to go for

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  • Get leather vambrace and weapons to DUO. 

  • Farm for helms for asula rings/earings.

  • Farm iron mines for asula neckalce.

  • Get General's belt and Roaring magical armor.

  • Get weapons to TRI

  • Get armor to DUO

  • Do Valencia Quests for rings(with the monster dmg they give as much AP as DUO crescents)

  • Get armor to TRI

  • Get Yellow Sturdy Alchemy Stone

Once at full TRI:

  • Focus on getting Boss Weapons

For PVP: Kzarka > Dande 

For PVE: Kutum > Dande > Kzarka

  • Upgrade any boss items you get to TRI

  • If you can't get any, upgrade Red Nose Armor to TRI

  • Start upgrading accessories

Most cost effective accessories/AP: Blue Coral Earring, Mark of Shadow, Shultz Belt, Shultz Necklace


This was made two years ago, would you all say the list is still accurate?


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Edit Date : 01.02.2020

I'm a newb to. Started about 2 weeks ago. Since the game found it's way to the Ps4 just about 6 months ago it's hard to say what's accurate, but I do think most of it is. 

I'm still trying to find my way around, but it sounds about right. 


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