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Change our floats to knockdowns.
Irene Belser*** 2020-06-04 14:46
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We have too many floats and not enough follow ups for air attack/smash damage. Floats don't last nearly as long as a knockdown so we cannot keep our opponents CC long enough to reliably finish a combo. It's bad enough we don't have near the amount of super armors the other classes do, and even if we did we'd get grabbed right out of it. 

The least they can do is give us more reliable CC and tracking on our moves. Too often that when I do finally get someone on their back, my follow up attacks whiff right past them. What will it actually take for these people to recognize that while the Dark Knight is beautiful, elegant, and fun to play; she is one of the most disadvantaged classes in the game.  Even at 273/275 A/AAP I struggle to kill people before they can get up and run away or immediately grab and instantly and easily 100-0 me. Floats are just not cutting it for the DK. 

The amount of work she requires shows your laziness and unwillingness to break the stifling meta you have in place now and make the game fun for all classes and not just the 3 or 4 you developers constantly coddle to. I bet if this fake uniform dude was a Dark Knight or a Tamer, or Berserker (and on console),you'd have taken action a long time ago. 


Character Name Irene Belser***
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Float is better then knockdown/bound. Alot of pvp builds run adamantine crystals which helps them resist the effect.


As for fake uni he's a PC striker and they dont just listen to what he has to say. They listen primarily to the KR PC server for balancing. This is a long standing known issue with game balance on NA servers. If KR thinks its OP it gets nerfed. If KR thinks it needs buffed it gets buffed. That's even if it doesn't need buffed or nerfed on NA.


Also while you have that AP do you have the Crystal's? What about skill addons? Are you running food buffs, alc stones, potions, elixers, etc, etc, etc.... there's more then AP to PvP in BDO and BDC. Dont worry too much about going 0 for 100 and focus on learning what caused you to lose. Did the other party have 300+DP? Where they DR or EVA where you missing your hits alot. Did you remember to engage with an SA or did you get grabbed out of a FG. These will get you alot further learning your class then complaining about floats vs downsmashes.


I remember on PC being told DK is a bad class dont use it then looking at the mercenary rankings for siege and nodewar and seeing a DK at the top. Dont trust anyone's opinion learn to master it and you'll be competitive.


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FeedbackTopicChange our floats to knockdowns.

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