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Pre awakening tamer dodge bug
C*** 2020-06-22 19:16
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There has been this issue with the tamers pre awakening dodge and dodge attack that when you do the dodge or dodge attack the camera will rotate on its own forcing you to dodge in a different direction than intended. I hope you can find a fix because this has been an issue with the pre awakening dodge since the class came out on console.


Character Name C***
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# 2

Hi ,


are you really sure? Never heard about this bug. Can you upload a Video to it so maybe they can look further into it and other players could help?


Greets Lip


Character Name Li***
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# 3

Here's a video of the issue the dodge and dodge attack force my camera a different direction than intended. The intended direction was a simple dodge to the left in a straight line. Hope this issue can be fixed.



Character Name C***
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# 4

still not fixed ;(


Character Name Ofrelse
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# 5

Please fix this bug. It makes succesion tamer almost unplayable for me couse i cant dodge and have no guard. 

1 Days ago

Character Name Hina
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