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Stuck at lvl 49
Da*** 2020-06-26 07:37
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So I’ve been stuck at level 49 after defeating the catfish boss and getting a clear memory piece every time a click on it it says the conditions to use this item as not been met what are the condition ive been level 49for 3 days is this a bug 


Character Name Da***
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# 2

Sounds silly but have you accepted the quest from the black spirit? And if so, are you actually at 99% level 49? 


Character Name Fozieb***
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# 3

This has happened before. Simply delete the clear memory frag, forfeit the blackspirit quest and accept it again which should give you a new clear memory frag. The new frag should work as intended.

If the problems persist pls state the server you are currently playing on as it may be an issue with the server.


Character Name Takm***
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FeedbackTopicStuck at lvl 49

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