[Shai] Summer Dreamland Pajamas [샤이] 꿈나라 여름 잠옷
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Considering the forum regarding this subject is no longer around I'd like to once again ask for the [Shai] Summer Dreamland Pajamas [샤이] 꿈나라 여름 잠옷

This is already ok on the NA/EU Censored version of the BDO for PC Client. Prior to Cross-play with Xbox we Ps4 players did not have the heavy censorship we currently have.


This was added to the best of my knowledge to NA/EU PC on

Pearl Shop Update - July 31st 2019

31 July 2019 10:00



[Shai] Summer Dreamland Pajamas advertisement for NA/EU PC


Shai was released on PC NA/EU on June 26th 2019


Where Are The Pajamas for the class I'm tired of clipping outfits, and the previously deleted thread.

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