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- 2020-07-28 03:20
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Edit Date : 28.07.2020

so its saying my account is already linked or account is disabled. my account is working fine on this website just wont link to my xbox. anyone else had this issue?

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Edit Date : 28.07.2020

Are you trying to link the accounts via in-game? If so then it won't register and say it failed to link. You must link the account using the actual website off console via either phone or computer and it should link the accounts. This happened to me while I tried linking my account via in-game on the console and the above is what I used to link my account.


If it's giving you the error while on the website then there is a coding error with the website and must be reported to PA so they can fix the issue. Hope this helps you with your problem.

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Edit Date : 12.12.2020

I am still have trouble with this myself where on the site do i go to fix this problem. im trying to link my new email to my second account on NA


My main is EU

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