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"A Warning from the Xian Merchant Guild" (Quest,H
Kappi 2020-07-28 16:24
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Hello there,


 I'm currently on this particular mission/quest.  After talking to Isobelle Encarotia, she sends you to Hunt , which is a guy at another tavern. After talking to Hunt he says that I need to talk to another NPC before talking to him. There's only one other PC that talks in that tavern that says anything worth mentioning anyways.  Her name is Grace Lauren.  I talked to her but she gives me the same message he gave me.  I'm not sure what to do now as I can't progress because this is a main mission.  Can someone please help.  All attempts that I've made to contact support or a fix or work around could not be found. And the support ticket page is down. **Shrugs** Just Help please if you can , Anyone.


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If I remember correctly once you talk to Hunt a cutscene is suppose to play. After that cutscene talk to Hunt again and that should complete the quest and start you onto the next quest in the chain that should direct you to talk to Grace. If it still doesn't complete when talking to Hunt again you might want to try forfeiting the quest and re-accepting it.


Hope I helped you out with this problem.


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In my experience, when I come across an NPC that requires speaking to someone before them, the game will mark the needed NPC in a way point. You can then use the auto run feature and run to the needed NPC, talk to them and head back to Hunt. 


Hope this helps.


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