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Maxwell 2020-07-31 02:43
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Edit Date : 31.07.2020

A lot of us have a large BDO family i.e our characters we have through-out the game. I was wondering why not allow us to have a photo mode where we could take a picture with all our characters tied to our family name. 

*How it will work

Main character (Character currently logged in) will determine the area your photo takes place; e.g I'm standing near Velia cliff therefore that area will be the place I can take my picture.

You can add any character from within your family and each one will have preset poses, class specific poses, and (possibly) poses created in the beauty album.

*What could be added to this feature

Limit area but allow characters within your family to be able to follow you around


Characters can auto interact with one another or idle iteract with one another.





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Edit Date : 21.10.2020

Thank you for the suggestion! I will get this added to my report, and sent up today! :)

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