Possible Quest Bug
Lluvia95 2020-07-31 19:49
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Edit Date : 31.07.2020

I'm on my ranger trying to do the Procurement of Supplies quest which is where i have to take supply crates that are sitting next to Isobelle Encarotia and deliver them to this captain guy a few feet away. Problem is that I only see one crate and can only deliver said crate. I've tried forfeiting and then accepting the quest but nothing improves. I've also tried restarting Black Desert and switching to another character but still nothing.  Has anyone else had this problem?

P.s. if it's related in any way I did this quest a few days ago on my valkyrie and everything was just fine and I play on PS4

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Edit Date : 02.08.2020

This was a problem for the Epheria daily quest where there was a long redrawn time for the supply crates, think it was an hour for crates to respawn. I think that's what happening here, they're taking too long to respawn. If waiting that long doesn't solve the issue then they're not loading in at all. Let's hope it's a respawn problem and not a bug preventing them from loading it. If its the latter you'll need to send a ticket in stating the usual info along with what quest it's happening on and what the problem with the quest is.


Hope this helps.

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