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EpiCPayne 2020-07-31 21:20
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I am truely getting tired of this happening and this has been happening since at least three patches ago. As with ALL regular players I tend to find I would prefer a game that doesn't either disconnect me or have my character (doesn't matter which one I'm using or in what circumstances) just vanish during play. In face this happened about 10 minutes before my posting of this and during a world boss.


I have submitted numerous tickets and even posted a video as requested and yet nothing is done or even confirmed as being checked. For anyone who may be interested in this heres the link:


...and as you good people would expect I've tried EVERYTHING suggested which includes such things as clearing the cache, re-installing the game, deleting the savegame data from my xbox and still I get this happening. I'm not sure I can continue playing black desert at this rate as I cannot leave ANY character to afk in any capacity.


(yes I know this is a rant but I'm at my wits end!!)

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This is interesting, from the video it looks like your game was beginning to crash. Whenever your character disappeared did they ever reappear after a little while or did your game crash after they disappeared?

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My characters have never reappeared after this has happened. In fact aside from using the xbox button on the controller I can't actually access any of the menus in game. The sound is made when I press the start button but the menu itself is not on-screen. I have been wondering if the game uses a suedo-host for a small cluster of players and if said host has a less than great connection it might effect others that are connected. The thing is, I've had this since the cross play patch was released and there has been a small amount of times I've had several hours of gameplay (up to 7 or 8 hours) but normally I have this happen anywhere after 20 minutes to 2 hours.

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I think I know what's actually happening because its happened back on the 360 but your console is overheating. Make sure your console has adequate amounts of breathing room to cool down. I had this happen whenever I played Skyrim on the 360 and had to hard power off my console. However an Xbox One should have a better cooling system than its 360 predecessor. But if your character vanished and the game freezes but you can hear your Xbox make sounds when you press the home key then its overheating imo. I will sling shot this to some Xbox players on the discord to see if I'm correct or not. I'll link them this thread as well to make it easier for them to get the details.

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My character also disappears as well as all the other entity's. The ui will continue to run like normal though. I can also pull up my xbox menu like normal so I have a feeling the problem is with the server or something. I've tried factory resetting as well as reinstalling the game with no avail. I really hope they look into this.

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