Enhancing Ship Gear is tragic
Spooky 2020-08-03 20:27
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Regarding Epheria Sailboat/Frigate gear. Thank you for the update and all of the new content, it opens up the world vastly. We are looking forward to adventuring, but we can't use cron stones on multimillion dollar boat gear, and I can't even turn around and sell the green boat stuff on the marketplace.

You can sell the blue stuff on the marketplace, but all of that materials to craft uses sea monster drops, and you can't get it by yourself, with or without mediocre boating gear. So, that makes crafting the blue peices pretty much impossible, as you cannot effectively get all of the sea monster mats. Also, can't craft the green gear that is sold at the wharf for millions, so I guess we just have to splurge and buy more of those, get them enhanced and leave it up to RNG? And even then, if you'd wish to upgrade to blue gear, you can't sell the green gear on the marketplace to try and recouperate some of the losses sunk into enhancing them?? Which is just cruel.


Please re-evaluate the enhancement process for Epheria Sailboat/Epheria Frigate equipment. This would be slightly less annoying if we could just use cron stones. Thanks for the consideration, and looking forward to more content.


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Thank you for the suggestion! I will get this added to my report, and sent up today!! :)

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