Cant access my explorer bundle pack (On ps4)
PIRATEB0I 2020-08-10 14:42
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Edit Date : 10.08.2020

Hi Im trying to access my bundle Ive checked everywhere for it so is there any way Ive missed it?

Ive looked in my mail but it just says Item not found.Its not in my inventory or my pearl inventory either.

Please can someone help me find it

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Edit Date : 15.08.2020

Best thing to do is send in a ticket with SS of your mail and inventory showcasing you did not get the items as well as your receipt of proof of purchase and wait for a response as this is that only the support team can help you with if you've looked everywhere on every character and still have not gotten the items. Also check storage if you haven't checked them already before sending in the ticket just to be sure they didn't sneak it in there.

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