Event gear and mission issues (ps4)
Gutmonkey9 2020-08-11 13:42
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Edit Date : 11.08.2020

I have a couple of issues.. one being i received a tuvala awakening weapon box for my mystic and I can't open it it says no item not sure whats going on with that? Another problem is that I thought once you upgrade the naru gear to pen or tri for accessories you could exchange it but im not seeing that option when talking to the NPC. Another issue was I thought we were supposed to receive gold for the cursed event quests and all I was getting was contribution experience and fey coins at the end i do not recall receiving gold bars. 

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Edit Date : 16.08.2020

Mary gear is beginner's gear and i'm pretty sure they can't be exchanged for anything and arwn't intended that way either. They aren't seasonal weapons like the Tuvala stuff which you got but that was not suppose to be in the game as season's have yet to hit consolea there is an npc I believe you can exchange them to for 100k silver. Also they will be removed from inventory or storage if you decide not to exchange them just in case you think you can wait til seasons hit to get a head start. They posted this stuff on the website under notice and updates.


Edit: just checked the cursed event and you do get 5 gold bars I believe from the priest dude but that's the only time i've seen them being given out during the quest chain.

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