season gear?
Gutmonkey9 2020-08-13 04:31
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Edit Date : 13.08.2020

When I looked it up it says completion of the mediah questline enables the ability to swap naru for tuvala but it is saying available for season characters. Now why did I get a box and the ability to get the naru weapons and stuff if the seasons have not even started? Its making no sense to me.

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Edit Date : 15.08.2020

Seasons has not hit consoles yet. If you are looking up info on stuff that is currently available on PC then you'll be incorrectly informed on the current state of consoles. If this was in game in the quest logs or from an NPC then it was most likely not intended to be released until seasons hit consoles. I will forward the info about this to the discord to see if it's been brought to the devs attention.

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