Connection to server has been lost
Galahadz90 2020-08-15 01:03
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Edit Date : 15.08.2020

Everytime I try to login I get the error "Connection to server has been lost" 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and cleared the cache. Idk what else to do. 

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Edit Date : 16.08.2020

That's really bad situation. You need to get a ticket going quick .

I'm having a server disconnect at random times asking me to me to help them fix by reporting the application error code.

It's not even happening when you would suspect. It just happened 45 min ago coming away from seed vendor in Altonova and headed towards Mevo the blacksmith.

It said application error so that's not a connection issue.

I would suspect your issue isn't a connection issue either.

Good luck.

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Can someone help me, I can't even sign into the game because it tells me I need to re purchase missing content (deluxe pack) but I cannot find it anywhere on the xbox store, I believe this is because I've refunded the game a while back and they've removed the deluxe pack from the store. Does anyone know a fix? 

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