~BlackSwans~EU International guild
Erenn 2020-08-18 07:56
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Edit Date : 18.08.2020

Hi im leader of international guild BlackSwans

We r Crossplay PvPvE Guild

We offers:

Node Wars (due to unplayable on PS4 currently we doing 1 per week)

GvG(Very often fights for spot and few never ending GvGs)

Weekly Garmonth 

Daily Pay system (Members up to 1m, Oficcers up to 3 mil, recruters PvP Generals discord admins up to 5mil)

Social Discord and Guild Chat

Guides and help with Gear and PvP content in game

Non toxic atmosphere

What we want from you

Gs 480+

Lvl 60+

Active on all guild events 

Discord mandatory

Non toxic towards guild mates 

Non toxic on Server and World chat

How to apply 

Via Psn: GreedGuru

In game pm Erenn

Here via comment


Character Name Erenn
Main Character -
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