Daily quest falasi family's kindness not working
Starfiree 2020-08-20 20:24
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Edit Date : 20.08.2020

So I'm trying to do the daily everyday to make a boat but the daily quest falasi family kindness is not working now i cam accept the quest but the boxs i have to move are just not showing up anyome els having this problem 



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Edit Date : 25.08.2020

Yea I have the same problem apparently there was an event quest given from the same NPC that gave out different rewards but required the same boxes to be delivered to the same NPC to complete the quest and I'm thinking that once they took that quest out the boxes reverted to a 4 hour respawn time instead of the 5 minute respawn time cause lately all of them across all the servers seem to be dry when it comes to the boxes. I have to server hop to complete the quest now and even then there's 1 or 2 boxes there that I have access to. 

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