Please re-evaluate Margoria Phantom Ship encounter
Spooky 2020-08-30 19:18
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Thank you for your continued support of the title.
However, sailing and exploring the seas will offer the opportunity to encounter the Phantom ship.


As it is shooting the cannon at the ship doesnt work, the cannon aims too high and misses the phantom ship every time. putting the reticle on the ship does not help. There is no other way to escape the encounter, only with the luck that the boat is positioned in a way that the cannons can miraculously hit the phantom ship.


I'm currently just sitting here getting bombarded, I've wasted 25 cannon shots trying to determine that they are hitting 15 to 20 yards behind the ship at the lowest cannon power possible.


Please send help.

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It dies in one hit and is very easy. You have to bring the cannons trajectory line down low to hit the ship. It takes a second for the trajectory line to come down, it dooesn't happen immediately, so just hold it in and wait a second.

Also, the phantom ship offers no rewards (thanks PA) so you can just escape immediately again by jumping back onto your steering wheel and driving off before it even lands a hit on you.

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Thank you guys for the suggestions! I will get it added to my report today!

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FeedbackTopicPlease re-evaluate Margoria Phantom Ship encounter