Returning Player Bonuses and Olvia Access
JustAGuy 2020-09-05 14:28
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Edit Date : 05.09.2020

Returning Users Should NOT;

a) Get extra rewards for returning to the game

b) Get access to Olvia Servers for XP


Unless the Returning Player is;

a) Less than Level 60

b) and has been away for 60+ Days


If you are level 61+ and Guru Lifeskills you do not need extra rewards or access to the growth servers, you do not need to "catch up" to the rest of the community.


Currently many are gaming the system using 2 accounts, they play one for 30 days on Olvia, then switch and play the other for 30 Days on Olvia while the first account reaches the "inactive" status and switch back and forth getting the returning player bonus items over and over and PVP Free high level Zone farming on both accounts perpetually.


This is evident by a quick glance at the rankings, level 62+ in Growth with Master and Guru Lifeskills. These players should not get an advantage in levelling XP and farming PvE zones PvP free that the wider community does not experience. This is the funtional equivilent of PvE servers that you whole heartedly reject everytime they are mentioned.


I suggest, if you feel the incentive is needed, to limit "returning player" status to 2 times a year if the Family has Characters over level 60.

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