Lifeskills - Gathering Issue & Other
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Gathering Trees [ Sap & Wood ] :
Ther are like 50%+ of trees that can't be gathered it is extremly annoying,
supply for logs/planks and saps in central market is really low becaue of that.
1. Can we get a change to make all or at least most of the trees gatherable? If not:
2. Can we get visual effect to see what kind of trees are gatherable / or make your pets that mark gatherable resourses
to be refreshed faster and be area effect instead of marking single object?
- if any of those options would be turn on/off i think it shouldn't effect game performance.

Fishing Actively:
 Im siting on master 10 Trade and Master 18 Fishing
Doing active fishing with Triple Float's feels also really bad, at such lifeskill lvl u don't make enough money.
You need a lot of time to move from hotspot to other + running all the way to Valencia from Port Epheria
And even after leveling Trade above master 10 still land you less than 100 mil after fishing for 3-4 hours and driving for another 1 or more counting way back.
With such a  high lifeskill gaining 20 mil per hour seems really unrewarding, is it possible to make it slightly more ?
Spots like hystria can land you over 100mil per/h, even considering Active Fishing as a "Semi" afk activity it is still really unbalanced and unrewarding.
1. For example droping relics from Hotspots would solve problem if u would drop 8-10 relics in a route it would make u get that 30 mil per hour.
2. Giving aditional drop from fishing like "Fairy powder" from gathering, that would be apllied only to active fishing, if u are afraid of players making too much silver on afk.
3. Giving Stackable trading items strictly from Active fishing - also very good idea. Like golden bottles or coins that are already in the game (bronze, silver, golden coins).

Hunting :
1. Hunting see mosnters is only fun if done in party, but drop from them is for one person, making profit from it nearly impossible to be worth your time. Can we make this drop to be landed to all people in party?
2. Heard from friend that he would like daily quest for hunting and get hunters tokens from them,
quest are in game but they are not rewarding and feel for him like another waste of time.

1. This Lifeskill needs a lot to think about, but for starters I would make a way to transport trash-crates from one city to another a bit more comfortable.
Using whistle on your horse seems like a exploit that everyone accepted as it is and driving horse semi-afk with like 5% move speed feels really bad and unejoyable. So what if we could put stack of crates in wagon or make a cheap transport for trade crates while making it possible to tranport higher amounts of it? It would make more sense and i dont really feel like it could break game by any means. Bandits would make sense too since they can stop u when u drive wagon so u could only make it semi-afk, however u would be able to make some seals from killing bandits, it would improve the feeling of actually making Trading.

I really feel like lifeskills are left behind, since i got over 600 gs, i feel like doing anything other that grinding hystria doesn't makes any sense at all, I andurstand that game is grind-oriented, but doing same thing for over 1 year is reallly too much guys. It makes game really boring, and i think that small fixes/upgrades in lifeskill approach would make the game more intresting and fun.

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