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IvanKane13 2020-10-11 23:03
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I'm interested in joining a guild. Fairly new player, but I usually learn fast. The normal people I play games with aren't into BDO, so I need a new group. I'm in NA, play on xbox, and am pretty active. Interested in getting in a newer guild and be a part of building it.


Xbox GT: IvanKane13


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You are welcome to join Insomniacs, you can find us on Florin 2 mostly if you're interested. My in game name is ShameIess                       <L is a capital i>


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Hi there you are more than welcome to join our guild Midnightstars,  which is a small guild on NA server. We are very active and new player friendly and there are no requirements to join and we have Supportive members. 

We do cross play for Xbox and Playstation 

Here is the link to our discord if you are interested in joining our guild


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