I had a dream (raid boss idea)
Kardas78 2020-10-17 12:16
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I just had a dream that involves a Lich king world boss. It's a big lich king boss, maybe the size of quint or bigger and it has 3 phases. First phase is simple, just head to the spawn area (perhaps near hexe or any undead area) and deal damage. Now my dream had crazy ideas i wont mention like turning into monsters and other things because thats very unlikely. So i would think just dealing damage while avoiding aoe attacks. The lich king will then die and phase 2 begins. 3 minibosses will spawn around the map, relitively near the lich but not too close. Perhaps bheg, red nose, and giath? They each will spawn carrying a chest and will run away in seperate ways. Your goal is just to kill them. So 3 groups will be spread out. Try to kill them before they reach there lair, where ever that may be. If you do they will drop stuff. Perhaps randome green gear 1-5 drops depending on your dmg and make them have a very high chance of being +1-15. And blue jewels with that rare chance of a yellow one. And a super rare drop called the Litches treasure. This is very rare and rewards +1% silver collected from selling to NPCs. Phase 3 will begin and lich king returns. Go back and start attacking him. He will spawn an annoying hexe maria unless all 3 minibosses died and none returned to their lair. (Something to incentivise killing all 3). She is useless and doesnt drop anything. The 3rd phase lich will be a little stronger, and new aoes. Once he dies he drops the usual. Gold bars, magic crystals, perhaps 1M silver instead of like 250k or whatever. And his main drop is randome boss weapons and armor. As the lich collects anything he will drop anything. Could be a bhegs glove, could be a kutum, kasarka, what ever. And a very rare chance of a garmoth heart maybe? 


Anyways.. my dream was cooler than this sounds but just thought id suggest it.



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Thank you for the suggestion, I will send this off to the devs today!! :)

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