Mount Skill Removal Coupons for console
Ewwt 2020-10-17 23:05
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Edit Date : 17.10.2020

With the release of the first dream horse comes the persuit of first acquiring it then leveling it to obtain the skills that best fit your riding style. Having been fortunate enough to obtain one I've leveled it to max level 30 with what I thought would be the perfect skill set for me. 23/24 skills without caution. It turns out I desire the removal of a skill but don't wish to acquire caution in the process. There currently isn't an option other then the 1600 pearl item that resets the horse to level 1 and I don't want to do all that. Please consider adding the Mount Skill Removal Coupon to the pearl/loyalty shop in the near future. It's a rarely used item but it generates revenue and this is a good thing. TY

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Edit Date : 19.10.2020

Thank you for the suggestion, I will send this off to the devs today!!  :)

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