Warrior buffs?
Sarge 2020-10-21 12:22
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Edit Date : 21.10.2020

Almost every update the warrior gets left out with buffs, while most other classes get PvP and Pve buffs. The warrior needs to be 261ap bracket to even really do anything in either categories while like the (broken) witch only needs like 220-230ap to do the same. As a person who mains the warrior since release of game on console, this is getting out of hand and makes me want to erase the game with all my time wasted on a now horrible class that you (devs) keep neglecting. Our moves need at least (roughly) 200% + more pve damage added to help compete even and like 5-10% PvP to stand any form of chance against the now buffed classes that got anywhere from 10% to 20% (dk) to 25%!!!! (Lahn) PvP damage.


Please buff the warrior, it really needs help to make it viable anymore.

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Edit Date : 02.11.2020

Thank you for the suggestion! I will get it added to my report, and sent up today! :)

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