Game Crashes/Disconnection on Relogs
ShinBoz 2020-11-03 03:35
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Edit Date : 03.11.2020

So let get started the game crashes (randomly) so restart the game btw (Xbox One X)..upon relog-in the game gives me this error ( Server Connection Failed BEC_004/800C000B)

I was going to submit a ticket UNTIL i read the disclaimer ( Pearl Abyss may collect personal information in order to improve or better the services rendered to you. By using this service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this agreement. Required Personal Information - Email Address Purpose of Collection and Use - Handle Customer Support + User Inquiries and to send Customer Support Center satisfaction surveys Personal Information Retention and Use Duration - 3 Years after Receipt of Inquiry ※ Depending on the type of inquiry, there may be additional information collected such as name, date of birth, linkage information, mobile phone number, account number, payment records, automatically generated information, and information identifying the device. You have the right to refuse consent to the collection of personal information listed above. However, you will not be able to use the Customer Support Center service. Matters not specified in this agreement are subject to the provisions of the "Privacy Policy" of Pearl Abyss.)

Soo I personal feel that your mobile number payment history or account info should be shared or ASk for in a video game when your reporting a bug/glitch which your game caused so asking for all our personal info is a no no. Email and date of birth is acceptable because of mature content.but please fix the bugs and let us send in tickets without given you guys all our personal info THANK YOU

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If you are still having this issue please comment below, and then submit a ticket to this link: 



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Thak you for responding to my post but i will decline to summit a ticket because of the policy as i stated above and yes the problem is still accuring hopefully it gets fixed with next patch soo yea thank you once again for responding to the post. BTW looking foward to the Guardian ^_^

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They won't use or look at your payment history unless you lost money buying a product, such as pearls, but not receiving the said product. Put it this way since your issue deals with the console crashing they'll collect data from said console as well as the account being active while the crash occurred, that includes the email associated and the IP address used for the console. They're not allowed to collect information outside of the related issue. I understand that you might still feel uneasy about it but unless the crash occurred while making a purchase from them they won't look into payment history's. Also please know that your crash may be specific to you meaning that no one else is having the same crashes and your problem may never get resolved without customer support sad to say but that's usually why they collect these data to see if it's specific or general for everyone.

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