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Xervious 2020-11-03 17:04
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Edit Date : 03.11.2020

Every since the ui changes last update if I'm logged in more then 30 minutes and go to switch characters it starts to process then gives me a internal processing error message and I have to hard quit 

this only happens when I try to switch from the ingame menu if I go to the character select screen it allows me to switch characters just fine 

I've tried reinstalling the game twice changed my ssd and reset both my Xbox one x's back to factory (as it's happening on both systems)and it hasn't fixed the issue 

this doesn't happen with anything other then bdo 


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Edit Date : 03.11.2020

I suggest submitting a ticket so the GM team can help look into this. Here is the link for ticket submittal:

I will also add it to my report! 

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