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Pop in/draw distance!
UBTHEJUDGE 2020-11-11 14:45
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Edit Date : 11.11.2020



BDO playing on the new Series X is a joy, faster loading times and down to a few seconds, character switch is almost instant and the game looks phenomenal with no lag or invisible walls, brilliant!




Is it possible to tinker with the pop in and draw distance, it seems that back in the day PC had the same issues and wondering if there is a future fix planned?


kind regards,


P.s is anyone else on Series X having a little trouble with their combos, now that we’re playing at higher FPS?

My timing has gone to the sewer lol


Character Name UBTHEJUDGE
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Edit Date : 13.11.2020

I will get this added to my report, and sent up today! :)

Character Name CM Erased
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FeedbackTopicPop in/draw distance!

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